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Volume 25, Number 1, 2020


  • Frameless radiosurgery for intraocular metastatic tumor: Case report

    Jose Ramón Villarreal Cárdenas, Agustín del Valle Penella, Erick Cardona Ibarra
    p. 1-5
  • Determination of inflection points of CyberKnife dose profiles within acceptability criteria of deviations in measurements

    Neslihan Sarıgül, Fazlı Yağız Yedekçi, Mete Yeğiner, Fadıl Akyol, Haluk Utku
    p. 6-12
  • Cardiac toxicity of lung cancer radiotherapy

    Radovan Vojtíšek
    p. 13-19
  • Giant locally advanced and metastatic squamous cell skin carcinoma of head and neck region: case report

    Jan Stuk, Jaroslav Vanasek, Karel Odrazka, Martin Dolezel, Iveta Kolarova, Ales Hlavka, Martina Vitkova, Jan Vodicka, Karel Pokorny
    p. 20-22
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for radiation-induced brachial plexopathy, a case report and literature review

    Hayley B. Stowe, Brandon T. Mullins, Bhishamjit S. Chera
    p. 23-27
  • Change of telomerase activity in peripheral blood of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma pre and post curative treatment

    M. S. Ganesh, Geeta S. Narayanan, Rishabh Kumar
    p. 28-34
  • In vivo monitoring of total skin electron dose using optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters

    Tanya Kairn, Rachael Wilks, Liting Yu, Craig Lancaster, Scott B Crowe
    p. 35-40
  • Dosimetric impact on changes in target volumes during intensity-modulated radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    Wafa Mnejja, Hend Daoud, Nejla Fourati, Tarek Sahnoun, Wicem Siala, Leila Farhat, Jamel Daoud
    p. 41-45
  • Radiobiological models in prediction of radiation cardiotoxicity

    Wiktoria M. Suchorska
    p. 46-49
  • Evaluating the predictive value of quantec rectum tolerance dose suggestions on acute rectal toxicity in prostate carcinoma patients treated with IMRT

    E. Elif Ozkan, Alper Ozseven, Z. Arda Kaymak Cerkesli
    p. 50-54
  • Positive prostate biopsy following radiotherapy can predict metastasis-free survival in localized prostate cancer

    A. Zapatero, M. Adrados, L. Torres, M.S. Talaya, A. Cruz Conde, C. Martin de Vidales, L. Vega Piris, C. Olivier, M.T. Murillo
    p. 55-59
  • Energy and dose dependence of GafChromic EBT3-V3 film across a wide energy range

    Sarah Bassi, Donal Cummins, Patrick McCavana
    p. 60-63
  • Single dose radiotherapy in soft tissue tumoral masses: just enough palliation

    Andrés Vargas
    p. 64-67
  • Optimization of treatment planning for hypoxic tumours and re-modulation of radiation intensity in heavy-ion radiotherapy

    Ladan Rezaee
    p. 68-78
  • Breast telecobalt beam therapy using multi-isocentric technique

    Balasubramanian Ananthi, Rajasekaran Dhanabalan, Iyer Priya, Ganesarajah Selvaluxmy, Nagarajan Vivekanandan
    p. 79-84
  • Normal tissue sparing using different techniques for prostate irradiation

    Barbara Melles-Bencsik, Tamás Pócza, Tibor Major, Péter Ágoston, Kliton Jorgo, Csaba Polgár, Csilla Pesznyák
    p. 85-90
  • Retrospective study on performance of constancy check device in Linac beam monitoring using Statistical Process Control

    Bipasha Pal, Angshuman Pal, Suresh Das, Soura Palit, Papai Sarkar, Subhayan Mondal, Suman Mallik, Jyotirup Goswami, Sayan Das, Arijit Sen, Monidipa Mondol
    p. 91-99
  • Improvement of sensitivity of X-ray CT reading method for polymer gel in radiation therapy

    Negin Javaheri, Mehran Yarahmadi, Abdollah Refaei, Ali Aghamohammadi
    p. 100-103
  • Voluntary breath-hold reduces dose to organs at risk in radiotherapy of left-sided breast cancer

    María Adela Poitevin-Chacón, Rubí Ramos-Prudencio, José Alfonso Rumoroso-García, Alejandro Rodríguez-Laguna, Julio Cesar Martínez-Robledo
    p. 104-108
  • Optimization of an ultra-fast silicon detector for proton and carbon beams using GEANT4 Monte Carlo toolkit

    Mohsen Mashayekhi, Ali Asghar Mowlavi, Sayyed Bijan Jia, Hossein Ghayoumizadeh,
    p. 109-112
  • Radiation therapy for bone-only metastases in breast cancer patients: A GOCO survey of current clinical practice

    Marta Bonet, Virginia García, Núria Farré, Manel Algara, Blanca Farrús, Jaume Fernandez, Victoria Reyes, Arancha Eraso, Ana Álvarez, Maria José Cambra, Agustí Pedro, Jordi Vayreda, Claire Lemansky, Françoise Izar, Meritxell Arenas, Grup Oncològic Català O
    p. 113-116
  • Comparison of CT artifacts and image recognition of various fiducial markers including two types of thinner fiducial markers for CyberKnife treatment

    Toshihiro Suzuki, Masahide Saito, Hiroshi Onishi, Koji Mochizuki, Kenichiro Satani, Akihiro Yamazaki, Kenichi Miura, Shinji Taka, Naoki Sano, Takafumi Komiyama, Hiroshi Takahashi
    p. 117-124
  • Monte Carlo simulation using PRIMO code as a tool for checking the credibility of commissioning and quality assurance of 6 MV TrueBeam STx varian LINAC

    M. Arif Efendi, Amporn Funsian, Thawat Chittrakarn, Tripob Bhongsuwan
    p. 125-132
  • Surface brachytherapy in the treatment of keloid scars in Mexico

    Yicel Bautista Hernandez, Michelle Aline Villavicencio Queijero, Abril Antonia Quezada Bautista, Azcary Vazquez Tinajero
    p. 133-138
  • Dosimetric investigation of a new high dose rate 192Ir brachytherapy source, IRAsource, by Monte Carlo method

    Atefeh Rostami, Mahdi Hoseini, Mahdi Ghorbani, Courtney Knaup
    p. 139-145
  • The importance of image guided radiotherapy in small cell lung cancer: Case report and review of literature

    Francisco Javier Lozano Ruiz, Sandra Ileana Pérez Álvarez, María Adela Poitevin Chacón, Federico Maldonado Magos, Rubi Ramos Prudencio, Luis Cabrera Miranda, Oscar Arrieta
    p. 146-149
  • Appropriate endpoints for stereotactic body radiotherapy for bone metastasis: Classification into five treatment groups

    Kei Ito, Naoki Nakamura, Takuya Shimizuguchi, Hiroaki Ogawa, Katsuyuki Karasawa
    p. 150-153

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