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Current Issue

Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy
Volume 25, Number 6, 2020


  • Dosimetric comparison of manual forward planning with uniform dwell times versus volume-based inverse planning in interstitial brachytherapy of cervical malignancies

    Siddanna R. Palled, Nikhila K. Radhakrishna, Senthil Manikantan, Hashmath Khanum, Bindu K. Venugopal, Lokesh Vishwanath
    p. 851-855
  • Approach to radiation therapy in the Jehovah’s Witness patient: An overview

    James M. Jurica, Jay A. Messer, Bin S. Teh, Brian E. Butler, Andrew M. Farach
    p. 856-859
  • Surgery versus radiotherapy: Long term outcomes of T1 glottic cancer

    Nelson Ferreira, Eduardo Netto, Leonor Fonseca, João Fonseca, Susana Esteves, Miguel Labareda, António Mota, Rute Pocinho, Miguel Magalhães, Filomena Santos
    p. 860-866
  • Serum cytokine profile as a potential prognostic tool in colorectal cancer patients – one center study

    Paulina Czajka-Francuz, Tomasz Francuz, Sylwia Cisoń-Jurek, Aleksander Czajka, Marcin Fajkis, Bożena Szymczak, Maciej Kozaczka, Krzysztof Piotr Malinowski, Wojciech Zasada, Jerzy Wojnar, Jerzy Chudek
    p. 867-875
  • Trimodality treatment in malignant pleural mesothelioma – Ordeal or real deal?

    Naveen Mummudi, Asfiya Khan, Anil Tibdewal, Rajiv Kumar, Sabita Jiwnani, George Karimundackal, C.S. Pramesh, Jai Prakash Agarwal
    p. 876-881
  • Octreotide in the treatment of malignant thymoma – Case report

    Ondrej Sorejs, Milos Pesek, Jindrich Finek, Ondrej Fiala
    p. 882-885
  • Hypofractionated radiation therapy for early breast cancer: Follow up of a new treatment standard

    Jose Antonio Solis Campos, Gabriel Antonio Veillon Contreras, Benjamin Tobias Tudela
    p. 886-889
  • Hypofractionated radiation therapy with temozolomide versus standard chemoradiation in patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM): A prospective, single institution experience

    Amal Rayan, Samya Abdel-Kareem, Huda Hasan, Asmaa M. Zahran, Doaa A. Gamal
    p. 890-898
  • Evidence-based methodology for obtaining commercial insurance coverage of stereotactic radiosurgery for intractable epilepsy

    Shearwood McClelland III, Vivek Verma
    p. 899-901
  • The role of SSDL in quality assurance in radiotherapy

    Wojciech Bulski, Krzysztof Chełmiński, Piotr Ulkowski, Wioletta Ślusarczyk-Kacprzyk, Iwona Grabska, Paweł Kukołowicz
    p. 902-905

    P. Mohandass, D. Khanna, B. Nishaanth, C. Saravanan, Narendra Bhalla, Abhishek Puri, Blessy Mohandass
    p. 906-912
  • Factors influencing psychological wellbeing of early breast cancer patients

    Liliana DeMiglio, Victoria Murdoch, Jessica Ivison, Samarth Fageria, Ioannis A. Voutsadakis
    p. 913-918
  • Surgical resection, intraoperative radiotherapy and immediate plastic reconstruction: A good option for the treatment of distal extremity soft tissue sarcomas

    Samir Abdallah Hanna, Rodrigo Ramella Munhoz, André Luis de Freitas Perina, Marina Sahade Gonçalves, Fabio Paganini Pereira da Costa, Fabio de Freitas Busnardo, Fabio de Oliveira Ferreira
    p. 919-926
  • Simulation of dose distribution and secondary particle production in proton therapy of brain tumor

    Zahra Hashemi, Mansoureh Tatari, Haladhara Naik
    p. 927-933
  • Stewart-Treves syndrome: Case report and literature review

    Radovan Vojtíšek, Emília Sukovská, Marika Kylarová, Denisa Kacerovská, Jan Baxa, Barbora Divišová, Jindřich Fínek
    p. 934-938
  • Radiation oncologists role, training and perceptions in palliative care: a systematic review

    Giorgia Lo Presti, Marco Roncador, Maira Biggiogero, Chiara Soloni, Alessandra Franzetti-Pellanda
    p. 939-942
  • Prognostic factors and clinical outcomes after stereotactic radiotherapy for primary lung tumors

    Isabel Rodrigues, Tiago Figueiredo, João Gagean, Carolina Ferreira, André Laranja, Tiago Ramos, Sofia Conde, Diana Moreira, Joana Cardia
    p. 943-950
  • Prospective validation of a core curriculum progress assimilation instrument for radiation oncology residentship

    Geovanne Pedro Mauro, Gabriel Faria Najas, Heloisa de Andrade Carvalho, Rosangela Correa Villar
    p. 951-955
  • Survival and consolidative radiotherapy in patients living with HIV and treated for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

    Lucas Coelho Casimiro, Geovanne Pedro Mauro, Carolina Trindade Mello Medici, Eduardo Weltman
    p. 956-960
  • Normal lung tissue complication probability in MR-Linac and conventional radiotherapy

    Somayeh Gholami, Francesco Longo, Sara Shahzadeh, Hassan Ali Nedaie, Ryan Sharp, Ali S.Meigooni
    p. 961-968
  • Efficacy and safety of propolis mouthwash in management of radiotherapy induced oral mucositis; A randomized, double blind clinical trial

    Farzaneh Dastan, Ahmad Ameri, Samaneh Dodge, Hadi Hamidi Shishvan, Ali Pirsalehi, Mohammad Abbasinazari
    p. 969-973
  • The effect of rectal gas on dose distribution during prostate cancer treatment using full arc and partial arc Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) treatment plans

    Motoharu Sasaki, Hitoshi Ikushima, Akira Tsuzuki, Wataru Sugimoto
    p. 974-980
  • Convolutional neural network-based automatic liver delineation on contrast-enhanced and non-contrast-enhanced CT images for radiotherapy planning

    Naohiro Sakashita, Kiyonori Shirai, Yoshihiro Ueda, Ayuka Ono, Teruki Teshima
    p. 981-986
  • A single-institutional experience with low dose stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver metastases

    Roman O. Kowalchuk, Michael R. Waters, K. Martin Richardson, Kelly M. Spencer, James M. Larner, C.R. Kersh
    p. 987-993
  • Critical success factors for implementation of an incident learning system in radiation oncology department

    Lucas Augusto Radicchi, José Carlos de Toledo, Dário Henrique Alliprandini
    p. 994-1000
  • Validation of Monte carlo Geant4 multithreading code for a 6 MV photon beam of varian linac on the grid computing

    Assalmi Mustapha, Diaf El Yamani, Mansour Najim
    p. 1001-1010